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A new way of socializing

Pixilart is a new kind of social networking. Our goal is to engage in the art of learning and networking. Our primary demographic is a younger audience who focus on creative learning. Our tools promote a technology-based future that encourages programming, digital art, and computers.

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Our Story

In 2013, Pixilart started as a learning experienice for web development. Since then, Pixilart has grown to be the largest online pixel drawing tool and social platform for art enthusiasts. Pixilart provides tools and software that are easy to learn and operate for simple or complex tasks.

It is our mission to provide free software with a passion for art and learning. It is our goal to make the Pixilart community a postive and fun driven oppertunity for those who want to draw and socialize.

Our Team

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Bryan Ware

Creator & Developer

Bryan is a full stack developer. He has dedicated his free time to creating Pixilart. He likes technology and learning new things.