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Layers have been added to help improve editing complicated images. Layers are very useful when working with images that need to be moved, turned off, or have opacity changes. You can duplicate, move, merge and change opacity of layers.

pixilart layers
pixilart frames


Frames are used to create animated GIFs. You can create as many frames as you like. You can duplicate and move frames with setting the speed of each frame. Each frame has the option to show the previous frame as an onion skin. This is useful when referencing the previous frame for animations.

Pixel Perfect

Pixel perfect is useful when drawing free hand to achieve clean stroke of lines (the red dots signify those pixels that will be automatically removed by pixel perfect functionality, since they are doubled up).

pixilart pixel perfect
pixilart canvas size

Custom Canvas Sizes

Whether you’re creating sprites for a game, icons or creating amazing art, you can now create canvases of any size under 700 pixels. You can download drawings at 1x or 50x under the download tab. You can download each layer, frame, or the entire GIF.


Stamps are snippets of images uploaded by other users that you can use on your drawings. Registered users can even create their own stamps for private or public use.

pixilart stamps

More Features

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Text Tool
Use our text tool to add pixel text to your canvas. You can even create your own custom fonts. Share your fonts with Pixilart to get your fonts featured.
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Dithering Tool/Toggle
Use the dithering tool to create textures, patterns and more. Toggle the global dithering feature to enable dithering for all tools.
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Brush Tool
Use the brush tool to create paint brush like strokes. You can also create your own brushs and use the outline feature to create brush like outlines.


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