Our aim is to foster learning through art and networking

Pixilart is a social platform for everyone. At Pixilart, we take pride in maintaining an environment that promotes creativity and respect while eschewing any inappropriate content. We have a firm policy against the sharing of images or messages that depict nudity, self-harm, weaponry, or any form of hate speech, racism, and bullying.

Additionally, we are not a platform for the promotion of political agendas. This strict standard ensures that all the content on our site is 'all-age appropriate', making it a safe and enriching resource for users of any age group. We believe in fostering a platform that is as inclusive as it is inspiring.

Using Pixilart
pixilart educator accounts

Educator Accounts

As an instructor, you have the option to acquire a Pixilart Teacher Account, a feature designed to streamline student account creation and management. This account also provides the convenience of customizing settings, shaping virtual classrooms, and assigning tasks effortlessly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pixilart Free?

Yes, Pixilart is free for everyone.

Do I need to download Pixilart, so I can use it?

Pixilart is built for the web browser. All operating systems and browsers support Pixilart.

What is the Pixilart community?

Registered users can create & share, collaborate, provide feedback, and follow their favorite artists. However, restricted accounts cannot comment or view comments.

What is your privacy policy?

The only information we require are the user’s email address and birthday. We use the birthday to limit functionality (restricted account). We don’t sell or rent account information to anyone. You can find out more about our Privacy Policy page.

Am I required to create an account?

Account creation is not required. If you are saving a drawing for a later date to edit, it is encouraged to save the drawing as a .pixil file. Pixil files can be saved locally to your device and opened in the drawing application.